GTOP perform at PSY's 'soaked Show'

At around 5:45

Top's hair is back to Black ! Yay !

Official Super Traxx perf. "Oh Yeah" Clip

Netizens want T.O.P. to shave his head most

Andy Lau, Jacky Chan and other stars are starring in ' New Shaolin Temple,2011', the martial arts blockbuster in this summer. In the film, Andy Lau has shaved his head and the idol which the netizens want to see his head shaved has also been selected.

Which idol's skinhead is comparable with that of Andy Lau? The person who has overflowing charisma, Big Bang's T.O.P..

The background of the film set against the chaotic period of China when the troops of foreign countries wanted to invade China. It was at such a time that the people gathered at Shaolin Temple and tried to stop their invasion with their own forces. In this martial arts blockbuster, actor Andy Lau is seen sporting a charming skinhead which has attracted the attention of the audience.

From 15th to 22nd, August, Nate had conducted a poll named, 'which idol do you think that will be as attractive as Andy Lau after shaving his head? '

The 1st place is captured by Big Bang's T.O.P (64%). T.O.P. appeared in the music video of Red Roc in 2007. In ' New Shaolin Temple,2011' , Andy Lau who sports a skinhead together with his good acting skills has recalled the memories of the netizens about T.O.P.'s appearance in the video.

(Omitted info of other rankings)

Read more: http://www.bigbangupdates.com/2011/08/netizens-want-top-to-shave-his-head.html#ixzz1VtkFZjFV



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